My materials include ephemera like antique postcards and letters, photographs, postage stamps, sheet music, dress patterns, art papers, and pages from recycled books and vintage magazines. I layer with acrylics and ink, sometimes altering surfaces or adding 3-dimensional items, such as broken jewelry, buttons, fabric scraps or natural materials (shells, twigs, dried flowers).

Often, a particular idea or theme initiates the creative process; other times, the materials are my inspiration, and meanings and connections emerge as the work progresses.  I frequently begin with one or two key materials or images, and the composition evolves organically as I integrate materials that seemed to me to work together visually.



Although I found many ways to express my creative spirit in my youth, I didn’t begin formally studying art until I was in my 20s.  I have taken classes at various art schools over the past fifteen years, and I’m grateful to the many wonderful teachers who’ve shared techniques, insights, and experiences to help me find my own visual language.